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The Castle of Stoutenburg

A drawing of the first castle of Stoutenburg

The first castle

The first "castle of Stoutenburg" dates back to 1255. In that year Walter of Amersfoort ordered the construction of a fortified house. This fortification was meant to keep the people of Gelre (Gelderland) out of 't Sticht (Utrecht). In the 16th century the castle was replaced by a square mansion and a century later by a castle in a neo-gothic style, which was already demolished after 20 years.

The actual building

The actuel castle seen from the front (westside) in 2000. The actual building dates from 1888. It belonged to an Italian family that took residence in the Netherlands during summertime. In 1891 they offered hospitality to the prince Victor Emmanuel, son of the king of Italy. From 1920 onwards several new owners used the house.

At the end of de Second World War the house was severely damaged and was abandoned.
In 1948 the Order of the Franciscans bought the house with 12 acres of land. They enlarged the house with an extra floor and by expanding the wing. It was meant to house a second noviciate of the order. 
In 1991 the building was let to the Franciscan Ecological Project.

Five years later the Franciscan order sold the property to a Nature Organisation. The Franciscan Ecological Project survived the changes and still hires the main building and the green garden.

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Guy Dilweg; 21th March 2001, revised April 14th 2008.